Safety tips for Fido as Fall approaches

Neurotic dog mom here, reporting for duty. Here are some things you may want to keep in mind as the seasons change and the temperatures drop – fur babies are not immune to cold weather, people!

*Fleas and ticks are still a thing. Continue usage of their medications as usual.

*Be wary of insect and rodenticide on lawns, as well as mushrooms.

*Just like with children, you have no idea what’s hiding in that leafpile.

*Halloween has it’s own whole host of concerns: be privy to chocolate, flame-retardant pet costumes, and walking dogs on short leashes during trick or treating.

*Antifreeze is more prevalent during this season, do not allow dogs to lick fluids believed to be puddles (ever, but moreso during this time of year).

Add your own tips or concerns in the comments below!